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I have been close friends with Rae for 33 years so I am slightly biased! You don't keep a friendship for this long unless the person is amazing!Rae has had this goal to start this business for a long time now. She has been taking pictures since her oldest was born a month before mine. It has been fun to watch them grow together and I love getting together with Rae so she can photograph my boys as well! The most important pictures to me are the ones that capture the real moments of my boys lives, not the posed pictures. Rae does an outstanding job watching the children patiently and interacting with them to capture these moments. She has been taking pictures of my boys since they were born. I have watched in amazement as her photography skills have been fine tuned and she now has launched her business! I am thrilled and excited for her and for future clients. Rae is an amazing mom and best friend. I can now testify to the fact that she is an amazing photographer as well! Capture your next precious moments with someone who loves what she is doing and you will love her photos in return!Adria Keeney